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Protocol Overview

Leverage is implemented as a set of smart contracts. These smart contracts enable non-custodial, permissionless markets for decentralized lending and leveraged yield farming. Inspired by such groundbreaking projects as Aave, Compound, Impermax, Tarot, and Uniswap, Leverage enables an entirely new DeFi experience.
The contracts are primarily forked from Tarot and deployed on the Canto network. These contracts are permissionless, non-upgradeable, and designed to operate with minimal governance.
The core contracts of Leverage consist of the Factory and Deployers for each lending pool. Anyone can create a lending pool via the Factory, and all lending pools are isolated. If a borrower ends up getting liquidated in one lending pool, other lending pools are not affected.
The periphery contracts of the Leverage are designed to allow users to interact with the core contracts. These periphery contracts enable specific functions such as depositing LP tokens, supplying individual tokens to a lending pool, and creating a leveraged position.